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The mission of TALENT & CARE is to reduce the shortage of nursing professionals in German-speaking countries through structured and sustainable immigration. Our program for the successful placement of academic nursing professionals from South America and Asia offers an end-to-end, cross-national process chain at a high level of quality: from Recruiting to language training to integration in Austria.
Along this process, the academic nurse is already ready to work in your company twelve months after the online personal selection interview. At this point, they will have German at the B2 language level (incl. nursing terminology), a valid Austrian residence title, as well as the organization and accompaniment within the framework of the nostrification procedure for professional recognition.


Talent scouting
Testing and selection
Coaching in the country of origin


Learning German in the country of origin
1000 units of language lessons
German language certificate at level B2


Preparation for the Austrian culture
Residence permit and nostrification
Aftercare in Austria


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Due to demographic developments, the situation on the Austrian labor market remains tense: Without immigration, the working-age population would shrink from currently 5.7 million to 4.1 million in 2050. Therefore, in addition to measures in the Austrian labor market qualified immigrationis needed to keep the working-age population stable. Demand is particularly high in the areas of nursing care. For this reason, we have specialized in the global search and recruitment of highly qualified, linguistically trained, motivated nursing professionals .

Our experience with migration and mobility as well as in the areas of education, labor and integration creates the foundation for innovative solutions. As a system partner to companies, we develop strategically sustainable solutions for staffing bottlenecks.
We implement these in close coordination with customer requirements, thus creating an international, centrally controlled and closely networked process chain.
  • Jhoan Manuel Cordoba Alvarez

    "This project has opened a window of opportunity in my life. My goal was clear: I want to work as a registered nurse in Austria and build a new life with my family. I have now been working in Austria for almost a year and we have just moved into our new flat with the whole family. My daughter is already at school and she read me a poem in German for Father's Day. Thank you to everyone who made this possible."

    Certified health care and nursing professional from Colombia

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  • Residence Saggen Innsbruck

    "We care very much about living a culture of togetherness with people from all parts of the world. We believe it is an enrichment, but also an urgent imperative of our time. That is why we are delighted that our team has been strengthened by the two Colombian nurses. They contribute wonderfully with kindness, commitment and competence, and are therefore highly appreciated by our residents."

    Mag. Stefan Moser BScN / Nursing Management Innsbrucker Soziale Dienste

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  • Sozialhilfeverband Bruck / Mürzzuschlag

    "Our three Colombian nurses enrich our workplace with their attitude and love for their profession, their work ethic and their appreciation for our residents. The biggest advantage for me is that all three are really grateful for the support with integration and also want to integrate. Sometimes, you can already hear them speaking one or another word of Styrian dialect..."

    Gerald Milcher / Nursing Management Kapfenberg

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