& Vision

Through our professional placement of highly qualified care professionals, we contribute to solving the shortage of skilled workers for companies. In this way, we enable people in need of help to receive competent as well as loving nursing care. At the same time, we open up attractive professional opportunities for people from other countries of the world to rebuild their lives in a German-speaking country.


Our vision is to make an essential contribution to solving the shortage of skilled workers in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland through the continuous, high-quality placement of qualified nursing professionals from several continents.


Ethics, professionalism, profitability, and sustainability are values that shape our attitudes and actions at all levels.


We are constantly developing ourselves and our services in order to continuously benefit our clients. Through good cooperation and communication with clients, society, business and partners, we create stable, trusting networks that lead to mutual learning and support us in achieving our vision.
Talent & Care Fachkräfte-Recruitment GmbH
Hietzinger Hauptstraße 35/2
A-1130 Wien